Hiring an Interior Designer

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Hiring an interior designer is a huge commitment and you need to spend time researching the company, checking licenses, references and ask to see previous work before you choose your designer for your new home or updated renovations. Interior designers are not decorators. Decorators are not there to design your layout for your space instead the designer works with the contractors and architects and you need to ensure they are certified with the board.

Once you have confirmed their qualifications you need to ask some questions:

  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Do you have certifications or specialty areas?
  • Do you use a letter of an agreement or a contract?
  • What is the scope of service and what are your prices?

Relationship with the designer

If you are happy with their qualifications and their experience you must then work out how well you can work with them as a team. You need to establish and maintain a relationship with the designers for the duration of the project. You want a team member who will listen to you and stay patient when you want to make changes. If you both get along from the beginning, then this is the person for you to choose. This will help to make sure that whilst the project will be professional you will also be able to have fun and be creative with the designer. 

Ensure the designer understands your needs and habits

Interior designers mostly charge by the hour so ensure they scope out their work before they do anything. Designing is about identifying a problem or goal and working your way to finding the solution. You don’t want an interior designer who just designs the kitchen without taking into account important factors. For example, if you are undertaking kitchen renovations, your designer should be taking into account how much you cook, which appliances are used the most and how much time is spent in the kitchen. Is your family room used often? Does it need a desk in it for an office? Without taking everything into account the room will simply not be designed to be efficient and suit your needs as the occupant. 

Stay professional 

You may want to save money and get the man down the road who has helped a few people design things to help with your designing, however it is important to keep in mind certified interior designers have the training, experience and the style to do the job. They mix their styles with their knowledge and your choices to come up with something that follows the market as well as looking unique. If something falls through with the unprofessional you hired, you won’t be covered by insurance so if you suffer damages your home won’t be covered by insurance. For all involved it is important to ensure you use a licensed and certified interior designer to have the job done properly and without problems further down the track. 

Choosing an interior designer is important and essential to get the right one who can create your dream home. Take your time and take everything into account, research every part that you can and find the one that is right for you and your needs.


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