How Free Office Breakfast Can Improve Productivity

Brekkie at the office

The main duty and purpose for every business owner, or head of the company, is to ensure good relationships. This includes ties with customers, business suppliers and most importantly, employees. It might sometimes be challenging to hear all of the ideas and concerns of all your employees at the same time. But remember that creating a company culture can help improve the situation and create a bridge between the employer and the employee. 

With that in mind…think about this: Breakfast. 

As a way to connect the dots. 

It is the most important meal of the day, and eating together every morning means all your employees start the day in a great and positive way. Moreover, it brings order to the daily work routines and improves the quality of their work. 

Why Breakfast?

Even though Breakfast is the most crucial meal in a day, due to the lack of time, many people just end up having some snacks and coffee or tea. It is often the most common thing which employees do not bring to the office due to the multiple reasons such as traffic, or a lack of family to have or cook breakfast with. Although people are aware of its importance, breakfast is vastly neglected during a workday. It is one of the most important productivity tools and energy drops when skipping it. That’s why it can be detrimental to the health and quality of work done by the employees. So, if you are looking to build a better work environment and happier employees, provide breakfast to them at the company!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – the benefits of brekkie

  • It might be a little cliché to speak of at first, but this can show that you care about your employees. If you give them small pleasures, they will give you more dedication and commitment in return. They stay longer at your company, work harder and invest more of their time in tasks which require extra work and dedication. 
  • Try to schedule breakfast in a nice and engaging area. When I worked for a hotel that offered waterfront accommodation, we used to always have breakfast on the balcony! It was lovely. It was a luxury wharf hotel in Hobart, so don’t stress if you don’t have as good a space to offer! Just make sure it’s nice and spacious.
  • It helps build the mission of the company and people will start recognizing your company for the great work you do. If you are looking to cultivate a healthy lifestyle for your employees, there can be nothing better to make it special to them by providing food at the workplace. 
  • Having breakfast at the workplace is more convenient. It can make employees arrive a bit early (to avoid traffic if nothing else), which may result in some bonding time with their coworkers. It would be something they would look forward to, every day. In simple words, people will love working with you. 

What to consider while starting a free breakfast service?

  • Find a reason to start. Communicate with the employees, the benefits of having the most important meal of the day and how meeting with the whole team can improve the quality of work they do at the place. 
  • Decide on the timings for the breakfast as to when it must start and how long must it be served. Decide on the type of breakfast it will be, whether it is a “grab and go”, or a full-service breakfast. 
  • Decide whether the breakfast will be served daily or once a month or so. At the start, it is not necessary to serve it daily, keep in mind your budget and limitations before deciding on the frequency. 
  • Account for all types of dietary needs. Some of them might be vegans, some vegetarians, some Jains, etc. Prepare the course accordingly. 

So, this was how the breakfast in the company can help boost productivity. Get started today!


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